....Maximizing the curb appeal of your community

Enhancing the value of your homes is the number one responsibility entrusted to the Board and shared by Management.  Such a mandate requires persistent and meticulous attention to the structural integrity of the buildings within your complex, as well as the cosmetic charm of your community.

At Certified Property Management, our periodic site inspections are conducted with emphasis on cleanliness, compliance and concern.  No eyesore is too frivolous and no problem too trivial for our Manager to address to the satisfaction of residents within your community.  We know that our reputation is only as good as how you feel about your complex and the impression left upon your guests.

Our vast resources, including dozens of vendors within the local area, assure you of receiving cost-effective services to meet your community needs.  We will let you know, through our constant communication with the Board, of each contractor's level of performance and our recommendations with respect to any changes which may be necessary.

Throughout the year, our perspective remains that of anticipating problems and not just responding to them.  Through routine preventive maintenance systems, along with implementation of new and more cost-effective techniques, our Asset Protection Program is designed to maximize the value of your homes and prestige of your community.

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