Managing the Lifestyle of Your Community


As much as your Community is a grouping of similar homes, it is also an entity with a life of its own, containing members who need communication and a forum in which to be involved.

We, at Certified Property Management, are committed to providing all levels of clerical, administrative and professional management services necessary to achieve the desired results.  From typing a simple letter to an Owner seeking a response from his Association, to planning, organizing and conducting an Annual Meeting, we carry out our responsibilities with a commitment to excellence.

As in any organization, your members may have divergent viewpoints and agendas.  Furthermore, your community may be facing routine or unusual problems which must be addressed.  Aside from competence and time requirements, a vital ingredient to a Community's success is communication.  CPM will assist in establishing and maintaining the lines of communication within the Board and Owners, by way of management reports, organized meetings, newsletters, bulletins and financial reporting.

All too often, this very important component of management services is underestimated or simply ignored.  We, at CPM, believe that it may be the single most important service we can provide.

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