Association & Community Management
          Our services include...


Receive and process all complaints and work requests; - Assign vendors and/or staff to perform necessary tasks on common elements; - Report to the Board on current and historical work and recommendations with regards to same; - Assist Board of Directors in development of specifications designed to meet the routine and special needs of the community; - Solicit bids, per specifications, from proven, outside vendors/contractors; - Provide comparative analysis of bids, as it relates to Spec., including reference checks, insurance coverage and general background; - Provide twenty four (24) hour Emergency Response Service (ERS), designed to address any hazardous or dangerous occurrence within the community, including immediate contact with the Board of Directors.

Address Board Members and Owner inquiries; - Maintain all correspondence from residents, contractors, attorneys, engineers and any parties related to the Community; - Develop and coordinate communication to Owners/Residents, including routine mailings or special notices; - Assist in development of periodic bulletins, advice and mailing services; - Act as a liaison with local government officials regarding Community needs and government regulations;
Prepare agenda, reports and all corresponding documents for Board meetings; - Attend Board meetings pursuant to agreement or as needed; - Provide if requested, recording of Minutes, followed by typing and distribution of same (after approval by Board) within one (1) week of meeting; - Immediate follow-through of requests made by the Board, with follow-up communication to President;
Processing of application, at Association's expense, and other related documents for purchase or rental of units; - Assist in development of Rules and Regulations and strict enforcement of same within the guidelines established by the Association; - Provide advice on insurance for the Association, including a review of existing coverage for adequacy and cost-effectiveness;
Maintain the documents of the Association, including a complete set of files and records in the following areas:
Meeting Minutes; - Committee Reports; - Management Reports; - Resolutions; - Amendments to the By-Laws and/or  - eclaration; - Modifications or additions to the Rules and Regulations; - Past & current contracts; - Insurance policies; - Specifications and bids; - Inspection reports;
 Prepare and distribute coupon books for monthly payments to all current owners; - Deposit and record daily receipts into separate accounts for your Community; - Follow-up with mid-month and/or end-of-month notices to all delinquent owners; - Institute automatic late charges and/or penalties for delinquent accounts; - Work with Community's attorney to file lien and foreclosure proceedings.
Process purchase orders and invoices through extensive controls established by the Board and Management; - Produce checks for all approved invoices on a bi-weekly basis, based on agreed procedures with Community; - Immediate check processing for emergency situations; - Process payroll, if applicable, including all state and federal filings requirements; - Maintain three (3) year history of all disbursements by vendors, as by expense category.
 Prepare annual operating and reserve budget, at least forty-five (45) days prior to fiscal year-end, for Board review, accompanied by detailed notes by line items; - Meet with Community to amend and adopt final budget and responsible for its implementation; - Daily management of Community operating account and reserves funds in order to maximize interest earnings; - Advise and recommend to the Community alternatives for investment of reserves to yield highest earnings while remaining secure; - Monthly contributions channeled to reserve fund and reconciliation of all accounts;
Assist Community accountants with year-en audits, which would include providing complete trial balance, reconciled with all bank accounts and internal management reports; - Involved throughout the auditing process in addressing questions and providing back-up for all transactions reported; - Review year-end adjustments to Community records and reconcile Community records audited figures; - Assist accountants in the filing of all state and federal tax forms.
Provide detailed monthly reports to Board by the twentieth (20th) of each month for the prior month's activities, including:
Income & Expense Statement (MTD, YTD); - Actual to Budget variance analysis; - Balance Sheet reconciled to cash balances and receivables; - Schedule of disbursements by expense categories; - Listing of all checks written, with detailed description of invoices paid; - Schedule of all delinquent and prepaid accounts; - Open Invoice Register, representing Accounts Payable, as of end of month;
Any other of a number of additional reports that the Board may find useful in assessing the financial standing of the Community.

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