...Assuring the integrity of Your Community's future

Our financial management service begins with proper planning through a budget presented to your Board, at least forty-five (45) days prior to the start of a new fiscal year.  The adoption process is supported by detailed information regarding prior year activity, including year-to-date figures on revenue and expense line items.

Daily posting of all incoming receipts from your membership, along with immediate and persistent processing of delinquent accounts, assures maximum cash flow.  Accurate posting of expenses as part of scheduled disbursements to vendors results in proper reporting and meaningful budget-to-actual comparisons.  A fully integrated computerized accounting system maintains a detailed general ledger for your Community on both an accrual and cash basis, thus aiding and expediting the year-end auditing process.

But what is most impressive is our timely reporting schedule, which provides you and your fellow Board Members with comprehensive financial statements and supporting documentation, presented in a clear and understandable fashion.  Such reporting allows for informative decision making, especially in the awarding of contracts and discretionary appropriations.

Although the cornerstone of Certified Property Management Financial Management services is based on such fundamental requirements as accuracy, timely reporting and fiscal integrity, our services go beyond these basic criteria.  Some of our expanded services include:

  • Maintenance of Capital Reserve Schedule

  • Arrangement for Alternative Financing for Projects

  • Aggressive negotiation of new or renewing contracts

  • Bulk purchasing power

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